New Capital

Is a momentous endeavor to build national spirit, foster consensus, provide for a long-term sustainable growth and address various issues faced by Egypt through a new city, which will create more places to live, work and visit.

The masterplan is to create a global city with smart infrastructure for Egypt’s future, which will provide a multitude of economic opportunities and offer a distinct quality of life.


we believe in quality of hardwork.

The Aventra Building complex of Lamar planned to accommodate offices, administrative areas, clinics, commercial, retail zone, choosing unique and special brands and firms all over the world to provide tenants with a high-quality office building that enjoys a clear identity and prestigious image; and fulfill administration and retail requirements in terms of features, modularity, and flexibility.

The Aventra Building initiated for the new Commercial & offices in the heart of New Capital, Egypt to be one of the Iconic designs over a land area of 4664.3 m2. Building implemented on a footprint area of 3576.5 m2, along with services and landscaped areas serving up to 1000 user in different type of tenant.

  • Aventra

The Value of

Prime Location

The complex is located in the Business and Finance District in New Capital Near several distinct locations such as:

 Ministries Complex                    Al MASSA Hotel

 Governmental district               Egyptian parliament

 Regional Ring Road                  Suez Road

Green Building

The Aventra complex was designed to meet the qualifications required for LEED certification. In the process, full LEED documentation prepared, including feasibility studies, daylight simulation, and others. Using solar system. The LEED certification rating already attained entails that the building complex has designed to be achieved in Street

the different categories relating to green building design: water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials, resources, and indoor environmental quality.

Aventra creates a radically new working environment that is enabled by sustainable technologies. With the world’s highest rating awarded to an office, clinics & commercial building, it integrates numerous smart technologies to create adaptable and intelligent work spaces. The building demonstrates that the pursuit of a vibrant and collaborative working environment can be combined successfully with achieving the high levels of sustainability.

Smart technology

In Aventra complex business center created to be a unique building as we use The solution enables unified interconnection and interworking among diverse controlling devices in smart building This simplifies interoperability, improves efficiency, and minimizes the cost of integrating a smart building.

What we offer :

  • Optical fiber cables
  • Central Air conditioning
  • Security system
  • Panoramic elevators
  • Fire Fighting
  • Thermal Blocks

Our Location

The center of The New Capital , which holds all of the Governmental services along with the Egyptian Parliament , the Ministries buildings, Presidential ,palace the opera house, Al Masa hotel ,and finally the green river 

4664.3 meter-square

300 Slots

2167 meter-square



Interior Design

The Aventra creates unique interior design that provide tenants quality of indoor environment with high quality of materials as the led light, high quality of painting, the best imported marble for inside and the best granite for landscape.


Landscape area designed with lighting fountains to give the joy and psychological comfort for more than 1000 person.

Water And Fire Tank

Aventra building attached with two separate tanks one is water tank to serve all the building with water and the other one to serve the fire fighting

Security system

Aventra created with the best security system to control all the access, the doors and the corridor by a control room to remain under consideration and complete control.

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